Via General Counsels: Legal Notice

Dear Friends,

In transparency, the Janczuk Literary Agency (JLA) grants legal notice to its readers, affiliates, writers, clients, colleagues, networks, and more: Approximately one week ago, our founder and principal, Ms. Weronika E. K. Janczuk, was charged in federal court with independent charges of cyberstalking and interstate communications.

Of these charges she is entirely innocent.

The plaintiffs involved she has never abused, harassed, stalked, or hurt. They do not know her, and as a result, these persons cannot correctly ontologize, speak about, or speak for her, and have legitimately misconstrued her. As one genius, gifted, deep, tender, sensitive, humble, empathic, litigative, discerning, authoritative, capable, and beloved, she loves with an infinite love, works with a passion non-describable, and spends her entire life ordered toward the good of persons. Such is her core mission.

A notice of these charges, as well as the journalist’s singular interpretation and context, were published in a local press without any comment from her or the agency, incipient grounds for slander. The freedom of the press to construct narratives does not include its freedom to cognize in accord with a plaintiff modality. Defendants stand innocent until proven guilty, and no plaintiff or journalist is ever intrinsically legitimate where a piece is granted a narrative hegemonic and structural authority without the cooperation of all persons involved.

In this context, Ms. Janczuk refers friends often to the work of the Innocence Project.

At JLA, we do our work with the greatest seriousness, professionalism, transparency, integrity, capacity, cleverness, and more, and our team remains infinitely well, healthy, dedicated, and hard-working. Given a private legal background of her own, Ms. Janczuk will litigate these claims in courts herself, in accord with constitutional right, until resolved. She is, after all, an expert in stories, and her joy is to deconstruct narratives flawed.

Don’t hesitate to write the agency itself with any questions.

Beyond this, query with manuscripts and more! We anticipate a most excellent year, and hope to see you online and in-person, now and in the future.


Janczuk Literary Agency (JLA) General Counsel

for Weronika E. K. Janczuk, Founder & Principal