Legal Notice, via JLA General Counsel

JLA is open to queries.

  • Please send all queries pasted into an email to Standard queries are tripartite: the book’s hook, the book’s substance, and the author’s bio. JLA does not accept queries via phone or snail mail.
  • Below the query, for novels, please paste the first ten double-spaced pages of your manuscript. With picture books: if you are an illustrator, link me to your portfolio; if you are a writer, send the full manuscript instead. With non-fiction projects, indicate whether or not your proposal is completed, and enclose after the first ten pages the full outline for the project from within the proposal as well as the comparative titles analysis.
  • Please include the word QUERY, your genre, and your title (QUERY – GENRE – TITLE) in the subject line. Don’t forget to include the manuscript’s word count in the query letter itself, and where possible, a comparative analysis to published titles or those titles’ authors.
  • Expect an auto-confirmation confirming query receipt and, where due, a positive request for additional materials within 12 weeks of submission.

Dear Writers,

I was the little girl who read books late at night, under covers, with a flashlight—discovering and re-discovering my addiction: to new worlds, characters, and words; to stories, ever-living and ever-great.

I agent from this love of discovery, and look forward to hearing from you, so very muchly—may you send me my new beloved story.

Best wishes,