On GEARBREAKERS, GODSLAYERS, & A Little Zoe’s Precocious Genie

The unfolding of my return to agenting, this September, confirms a stunning trinity, of a kind — in 2010, a mini agent a journey began, then had to take leave; in 2018, she rejoined the game, before she came to witness the undoing of lives around her; and in 2021, she’s back on tap, for queries, phone calls, deals to make and break, and more.

When I first entered the world of book publishing as an eighteen-year-old, genie and precocious in intent and more, I had the great luck of working with marvelous writers, agents, and editors, unto published authors, communities, conferences, and more.

In those early years, I helped Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Max Gladstone find his home with David Hartwell at Tor (may this giant of a man rest in peace), beginning the launch of a career that I hope endures him forever. Some years later, given the passage into eternal life of a mother, a broken system among some editors who refused to launch a mini, and a drink over a bar that caused an uproar, I elected to scaffold gently out of an industry that has showed some degree of abuse.

In 2018, post-resigning from a non-profit career that I had for five years endured, I came back into the tumble, and was thrilled to place a parallel to Max, a tale of gods and fantasies, of magic and lores — little Zoe Hana Mikuta’s GEARBREAKERS, of two gals over deities in town, into 2022’s GODSLAYERS.

Where GEARBREAKERS was expected to publish in April, it debuted this summer, and is off to a genius start.

When fortune took its fall, and some sickness entered my life, I was overjoyed that, at least for now (eh, eh, oh? unto battles and wars!) the beautiful Laura Rennert took over for this soul.

On a similar note, check out what Max has, over the years, been up to: as a 2011 start, a 2012 publication, into a 2021-2022+ renewal (LAST EXIT, into Weronika’s last entry, to stick around until time ends) brings forward this gift of a soul of a man, who from Yale into China into Weronika’s heart, ever-once-fell. Cheers to Zoe, to Max, and to all the mechas out there.

Be sure to check out the one whom they have acknowledged.

This industry is magic, genius, ever-innovative, and ever-abeatin’, and I’m so happy to be back, to network in some greats, forevermore. (I promise.)

An agent for life,

Weronika {Dubzelina, or Dubz, for short}

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Dear Friends, Foes, Writers, & More:

2019 brought on sudden, unexpected, and extended illness, of a form, then Covid came about — and, during this time, I was unable to work. It’s with great joy that, weeks, months, and years later, I’m jumping back into the game, in order to bring about some glories, some beauties, some genius genies, and more.

Everything from the 2019-2021 period has been deleted. Reach out again if you didn’t hear back.

As of this morning, I’m open to queries. Send moi more!