About Weronika

Weronika E. Janczuk is the founder of the Janczuk Literary Agency, where she intends to build a targeted list of fiction and non-fiction for young adults and adults.

Weronika broke into publishing through a high school work-study with Flux/North Star (formerly of Llewellyn Worldwide), a young adult imprint in Minnesota. She then agented during her undergrad at New York University, building a list of excellent novelists and projects (including the first four books of Campbell Award and two-time Hugo Award-nominee Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence), and worked with the industry’s best agents, including Lynn C. Franklin, Kathleen Anderson, and Jenny Bent.

Subsequently, after her mother’s unexpected death, she spent years in the non-profit realm, before returning to agenting, finding her own agency in September 2019. At JLA, Weronika seeks to apply a breadth of experience managing foreign/translation rights, building networks, designing collaborative strategies for impact, and marketing. She loves the author-agent relationship for its blended creative-entrepreneurial nature, and loves to invest in the intrinsic potential of authors to build long-term careers.

Weronika’s friend Andrew, getting baptized; she spent several months tutoring him.

Weronika completed a self-designed B.A. in the philosophy of the human person at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 2013. Besides agenting during her undergrad, Weronika also served on the editorial boards of the NYU Gallatin Literacy Journal and Literary Journal (having served two years as her high school newspaper’s editor-in-chief), and aided the development of creative literary and literacy-related projects, winning a grant for the latter that expanded available English language-learning support for immigrants to NYC’s Lower East Side. She has also been published, and intends to begin an M.A. at NYU Gallatin in the economics of human capital management in the fall of 2020, evaluating the way in which different systems–publishing houses, agencies, other corporations, and academic institutions included–evaluate and maximize human potential. She is inspired by the work of Edith Stein, Christian Smith, Charles Taylor, and Alasdair MacIntyre. More information about her academic work, consulting, and writing is available here.

Weronika spends free time philosophizing, reading dissertations, and playing board games; sipping lattes with friends, driving down highways with windows open wide, and volunteering in soup kitchens; and traveling with her hiking backpack, journal and pen, and existential wanderlust, chasing after magic–it is on self-directed, lonely yet still eternally full trips through foreign countries that Weronika learned to love the human person more radically than life itself.

Born to Polish parents in Canada, Weronika is today privileged to be a rare tri-citizen, and lives in MN and NYC, with Cracow and Assisi in her dreams. She speaks English and Polish fluently, and has basic Italian and French behind her. Weronika is the Polish spelling for Veronica, and Weronika asks people to just call her that; Weronika in Polish is more complex. With both parents deceased, computer engineers by trade, she is the oldest of three, and the only girl.